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30: Should we cash out and move to a cheaper area?

The cost of living is rising in the city we live in. Housing prices are skyrocketing, and with that, property taxes are rising as well. We live in a high property tax state so this could be a big deal to our monthly budget. This has us wondering if this is a good time to cash out, sell our home, and move to a cheaper area. There are pros and cons to this idea, and we discuss them in this episode. We share our thought process, questions we are asking ourselves, and our current conclusion on if we should move or stay. Are you considering selling your home to move to a cheaper place? Listen in to find out what questions might be helpful for you to consider.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • What are the characteristics of a place we want to live in?
  • What are the barriers to moving?
  • How can we minimize the barriers to moving?
  • Compelling reasons to move
  • Compelling reasons to stay
  • How do we determine if/when we move
  • Our current decision on moving or staying

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