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45: Make Green Challenge Part 1 - Flex on that Retirement

Eating greens and black-eyed peas is a long-standing New Year's Day tradition in the Black community and in others as well. We eat greens to bring us money during the year, and the black-eyed peas are for good luck. We're taking you beyond Black-eyed peas and greens with this series of episodes, and we're giving you practical tips on how to truly make green and get to a better place financially by the end of this year. We start part 1 with a focus on retirement. Most people don't get started on retirement until later in life, but it is actually best to start early. Listen in to learn more about why caring about retirement now is important, what things to look for and be aware of when you contribute to a retirement account and hear some of our strategies of how we contribute to retirement accounts.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Why care about retirement now when it seems so far away?
  • How can you be prepared to be able to retire and to take care of yourself during retirement?
  • What hang-ups will you face when you decide or start to contribute to your retirement, and how do you overcome those hang-ups?
  • What steps have we taken to be prepared for a traditional and an early retirement?

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