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18: The value of a career choice | The impact your career has on your finances

The type of career you choose can have a large impact on your finances. These choices can have lasting impacts, but career choice doesn’t have to be permanent. There are often opportunities to pivot to something better if you’re willing to take on the challenge of pivoting. This might mean you work in a field that is not highly desirable, but sometimes making some sacrifices is necessary to advance. These decisions are important to weigh when you’re young and entering into a career field, or when you’re established and seeking to transition. It’s important to know that there are career fields that are high income that can increase your wealth. But how do you know what these fields are? We share some of our ideas in this episode about choosing or shifting careers. We share all of this with the caveat that high income does not equal high net worth or wealth. Ultimately even in high income jobs, you still need to be disciplined to live within your means, budget, save, and invest.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • How does your career impact your finances?
  • When do you alter your dreams to increase your wealth?
  • How do you find opportunities in your area that could increase your finances?

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