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28: Rising property taxes and how to combat them

Do you own a home, or do you hope to purchase a home soon? We have been homeowners (or home-loan-owners) 😆 for about 7 years. We just received our property tax values for the next year, and we were shocked by the increase. We weren't shocked that the value went up; we were shocked by how much.

Property taxes are one cost that I didn’t fully understand going into home ownership, but it is extremely important to understand how your property is taxed and what is the approximate rate your property will be taxed at. In Texas, and across the nation, property values are shooting up. The chief appraiser of Harris County stated the increase in values he’s seeing this year is unprecedented and unlike anything he’s seen before; and he's been in the real estate business for almost 40 years.

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Why are property taxes increasing
  • What can you do to lower your property taxes
  • How can you prepare financially to be able to pay for your property taxes

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