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34: How to earn, keep, and grow your money with Joe Bautista | Money tips from a CFP

Joe Bautista is a Certified Financial Planner with Bautista Planning and Analytics. He is all about self-motivation, growth, and development. He is the author of The More You Know, The More You Grow and Your Daily Cup of Joe, a book with daily micro lessons to fuel your personal development.

Joe joins us as the final CFP in our Money Tips from a CFP series. We talk about earning, keeping, and growing your money, living abroad, how he is prioritizing his spending now, and more. Joe started his career in the marines, has worked in D.C., and currently lives abroad in Columbia. Joe has such a varied background. He is the son of a Mexican immigrant who had a 3rd grade education. His parents declared bankruptcy when he was in high school, but none of those obstacles have slowed him down! Listen in to learn all about Joe and his tips and strategies for growth. 

In This Episode We Discuss

  • Joe's background growing up in Oregon
  • The impact that Joe's parents' bankruptcy had on Joe when he was in HS
  • How He Used the Marines to Fund Education
  • How He Helps People Develop their Financial Plan
  • Best books for self-development

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