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49: Money Talk$ with Sherifah Munis of NewWave Foundation

Sherifah Munis is the founder of Newwave Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is focused on inspiring the next generation of dreamers by creating opportunities for educational equality. Sherifah shares about how credit almost got the best of her because of an initial lack of knowledge around handling credit, and how Newwave Foundation aims to prevent things like that by filling knowledge gaps and providing equitable financial education to students, young adults, and even parents. Beyond that she shares how Newwave Foundation is committed to making the most of their financial knowledge to positively impact themselves and others well into the future. Meeting Sherifah for the first time was like picking up a conversation with an old friend because her mission is so closely aligned with ours. We know you're going to love this one.

In This Episode We Discuss

- How Newwave Foundation seeks to "Instill the Dream" in deserving students and their parents by providing access to financial education, scholarships, and partnerships

- Sherifah's personal finance journey

- Ways for students and young adults to retain control of their financial story arc through these trying times

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