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3: From fired to FIRE

Have you ever quit your job or are you thinking about quitting your job? Or maybe you didn’t have a choice and you were laid off. Sometimes getting laid off or quitting your job can feel like a setback, but it doesn’t have to be. In episode 3, we are telling our story of how we used getting laid off and quitting our jobs to propel us financially and career-wise. Our story goes from being fired to being on the path to FIRE or financial independence, retire early. Listen in or read the transcript to learn the things that we have done to get there and how you can leverage your skills and expertise to increase your salary and boost your financial savings.

In this Episode We Discuss

  • How to transition after being laid off or quitting your job
  • How “job-hopping” and negotiating your salary can affect your finances
  • How to leverage a high income or any income to work towards financial independence
  • 3 Important keys to becoming financially independent

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