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48: Make Green Challenge part 4 - Values to help you design a meaningful life

What are your guiding principles? What are the values you have that guide your actions? What are the qualities that really matter to you? What are your family's values? What are your partner's values?

These values are the things that guide you. These values are what make you say yes to some things and no to others. Can you name yours? We think we saved the best for last (in the Make Green Challenge). We discuss our values and the importance of identifying them in order to chart a path for your life.

This episode hits a little differently. Damian and I have a conversation with each other defining our top 5 values and talking through what they mean and how we want to use our values to build our ideal life. Tune in to hear how we identify our values, and be a fly on the wall listening to our conversation discussing our values.

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