Black and Brown Make Green

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1: Money Mindset

Do you want to know how to become a millionaire? The secret to becoming a millionaire may not be your job title or status in society. Rather, the secret is your money mindset. 

Mindset can be the determining factor that propels you to become a millionaire or prevents you from becoming one. In this episode, we discuss our money mindsets and how to create a money mindset that can propel you to financial success.

We also explore the issue plaguing the Black and Brown communities in America that these groups may be losing wealth instead of building wealth over time. We frame this discussion around how we can shift our mindset to one that allows us to build wealth, in addition to share about how we can combat income inequality as well.

In this Episode We Discuss

  • How to develop your Money Mindset and the way it plays into how you manage your finances
  • A little about Natasha's and Damian's financial upbringing
  • How to combat income inequality
  • Ways to build generational wealth

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